Alan Parsons is definitely one of the main musicians of the whole Rock scene worldwide. His music career started at 19 when he earned one of his first credits as assistant engineer on The Beatles’ "Abbey Road". He soon become a well respected studio engineer, working for Paul McCartney, The Hollies and especially on the Pink Floyd masterpiece "The Dark Side of The Moon".

In 1975, Alan Parsons formed The Alan Parsons Project. This band released 10 much acclaimed studio-albums, but never performed live during the heyday of the albums, even after several US and European Top 20 hits.

The Alan Parsons Project made its final album at the end of the 80’s with "Gaudi", and, since then, Alan released a number of recordings under his own name using several musicians that also appeared on the “Project" releases. As well as receiving gold and platinum awards from countless countries, Alan Parsons has received eleven Grammy Award nominations for his engineering and production work.

In 1994, Alan Parsons started touring regularly as “The Alan Parsons Live Project” and has released a number of live releases in audio and video. His live concerts continue to this day worldwide.

With a new studio-album (with the working title of “The Secret”), scheduled for release on Frontiers Records in the spring of 2019, “Frontiers Rock Festival” will welcome him and his amazing band for a show that promises to be unique and breathtaking.

Frontiers Rock Festival VI

April 27, 2019 - Day 01
April 28, 2019 - Day 02